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  • What Are Camber-Caster Plates?

    What Are Camber-Caster Plates?

    In this article we'll be discussing what camber-caster plates do for your car's suspension system.  Caster has a direct relationship with camber and when possible, coilover manufacturers integrate camber and caster adjustability into a single upper mount. Caster, or caster angle...

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  • Adjustable Damping

    Adjustable Damping

    What is adjustable damping and how do I adjust it? That is a question we’re asked a lot and in this article we’re going to discuss what exactly adjustable damping is, how it works, and how you adjust it. The...

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  • Coilover User & Setup Guides

    Coilover User & Setup Guides

    Below you can find the User Guide or Setup Guides for the majority of coilovers we sell. Please note that this isn't a comprehensive list as some coilover manufacturers do not publish or provide us with User or Setup Guides and...

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  • Coilover Anatomy

    Coilover Anatomy

    In this article we're breaking down the gross anatomy of a coilover and showing all the major parts and what they do.
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  • Coilover Upper Mount Types

    Coilover Upper Mount Types & What They Look Like This is a brief article explaining the different types of coilover upper mounts and what they look like. The purpose of this article is to inform new coilover customers of the...

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